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Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

Best Christmas Gifts for Artists
Artist Gift Ideas


Aurora art supplies colored pencils best christmas gifts for artists

If you have an artist on your Christmas gift list you are probably wondering about the best Christmas gifts for artists. Well since my husband is an artist and I buy him Christmas art gifts every year, I thought I would weigh in with some unusual gifts for artists to help those searching for the artist on their gift lists.

Believe me artists appreciate tools to do their art! It’s not an inexpensive hobby nor is it inexpensive to create all those masterpieces. And artists usually are in love with their tools and their processes so they really do love getting artist supplies as gifts!

I’m concentrating on painters and those who sketch but I do have suggestions for potters and sculptors too. So if you are looking for gifts for an artist, read on.

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Featured colored pencils are from Aurora Art Supplies


Cool Gifts for Artists

1. Canvases
Artist Gifts Ideas

 US Art Supply Multi-pack 2-Ea of 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 12×16, 16×20. Professional Quality MEDIUM 12oz Primed Gesso Artist Stretched Canvas

Painters need canvas to work on! Whether it’s for oils, acrylics or water colors, canvas is essential for getting their images out of their brain and onto the well, canvas. They can never have too much or too many. Get them a set and maybe they will paint you something! One of the best gifts for an artist.

This is a set with an assortment of sizes but if your artist likes a certain size canvas only then just click the link to see sets featuring only one size of canvas.

I like to make up my own artist set for beginners when I find out that one of the teens or kids on my list likes to do art. Get them into art and they won’t have money for drugs. Canvases are definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for artists because they help them paint their masterpieces.




2. Drawing Paper/Tablets
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

 Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads 9 in. x 12 in. – pad of 100

All artists draw and sketch! Not just painters, even sculptors and potters like to put their ideas on paper first. You just can’t go wrong with a sketching pad, drawing paper, or drawing paper tablets.

If you are making up your own gift basket of sorts then this is an essential part of an art sketch kit. Art kits teenagers love the most have spiral bound  drawing paper.

Strathmore has quality paper for all those sketches and this one is spiral bound which is cool as lots of artists like to keep their sketch pads as journals or diaries of their artwork and to refer to later when an idea pops into their brain. My husband keeps them on a book shelf like other people keep books.



3. Paint Brushes
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

 ARTIST PAINT BRUSHES – Top Quality Red Sable (Weasel Hair) Long Handle, Filbert Paint Brush Set For Acrylic, Oil, Gouche and Watercolor Painting

Paint brushes are somewhat expensive, at least good ones are, and artists go through them. And it’s easier to paint with the good ones so splurge and get your artist a set of professional quality brushes. The cheap ones shed their bristles right onto the art work, not a good thing at all. Then they just have to buy new ones anyway. Much better to buy good ones in the first place, and clean them well after using. They also need different shaped brushes for different effects. So check their stash of brushes and see if they have flat heads or cone head brushes and buy them some of other type so they have a variety for different tasks.

Manufacturer says: The Natural Characteristics of the Red Sable Hair (weasel Hair) Offer Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity and an Easy, Smooth Flow of Paint. The Fine Filbert Head Paintbrushes Have a Luxurious Feel and Excellent Durability, Whilst Good Shape Holding Properties

4. Paints
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

Now this one should be obvious but maybe you think it’s a boring idea and not very special since paint is used all the time by artists. But paints get old and messy looking. Get them a new set and watch their eyes light up. Plus artist paint is fairly expensive so they will totally appreciate it!

Here are professional quality paints for every type of painter. Ones who paint in oils, acrylics, and water colors.

There are different qualities of paints, and for a gift I suggest you go all out and get the highest quality you can find. Better tools get better results. Very high quality paints are unique gifts for artists as they sometimes don’t think they can afford the best for themselves, but they will love you for it!

 Daveliou Oil Paint Set – 24 Non-Toxic Oil Paints 12ml – Vivid Colors Acrylic Paint Set – Artist Quality Paints for Painting Canvas, Wood, Clay, Fabric, Nail Art, Ceramic & Crafts – 12 x 12ml Heavy Body Colors – Rich Pigments – Professional Supplies by MyArtscape Daveliou Watercolor Paint Set – 24 Non-Toxic Watercolor Paints 12ml – Vivid Colors


5. Colored Pencils
Cool Gifts Artists

If your artist is a painter you might not think of getting them colored pencils but I can tell you that they will be appreciated!

Artists like to take short cuts sometimes. (Who knew?) And for sketching colored pencils come in handy because they allow the artist to check out their idea before getting out the paints and brushes.

Colored pencils are great for fixing little errors too. And for checking colors against each other before committing to paint. Trust me, they are unusual gifts artists will really appreciate.

They are also great young artist gifts and wonderful in home made art kits for teens. (the kind you put together yourself) They are art gifts teenagers will love!


 Colored Pencils For Coloring Books, Bonus Mini Coloring Book included! 48 Colored Pencils for Adults. plastic carrying case, from Aurora Art Supplies. Colored Pencils For Coloring Pages and Coloring Books, Bonus Mini Coloring Book included! 48 Colored Pencils for Adults from Aurora Art Supplies.


6. Gesso
Artists Gifts Ideas

 Pro-Art 16-Ounce Premium Gesso Canvas Primer

Gesso! What’s gesso? It’s what is used to prepare the canvas to accept paint and is essential for painters.

No one is going to think you would get them gesso so its one of those unique gift ideas artists will really be surprised by. Get a good quality gesso like the one pictured here.

All painters who use canvas need gesso so they will really appreciate you for thinking of this unique gift idea for an artist.






7. Artist Sketching Kits
Langnickel Sketching and Drawing Artist Set for Beginners or Professionals

 Royal & Langnickel Sketching and Drawing Studio Artist Set

Drawing Sketching kits are awesome gifts for artists, beginners or professionals either one. This one is to take along to the beach or a camping trip or even just the local coffee shop.

Perfect for drawing and sketching on the go!
Includes color pencils
graphite pencils
sketch pad
blending tools
sandpaper block
instruction book
Black canvas zipper case

For a huge selection of Drawing Sketching kits click on the menu above. Drawing and Sketching kits are really some of the best Christmas gifts for artists, hands down.

8. Artist Gift Sets
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

 Royal & Langnickel Essentials Art Cargo Carry Bag

Here’s one of the best gift ideas for an artist. Make an artist gift set yourself and put some or all of the gifts on this list in the bag. The bag itself is unique and one of the most unusual gifts for artists so that’s a winner for you right there. But add in some cool artist gifts and you will wow them out of their mind.

Some cool gifts for artists are sketch pads, paints, colored pencils, charcoal pencils, paintbrushes, and a desk easel. (all of them are on this list!) And to make this set complete for a trip out of town, add in some bottled water and some healthy snacks.

Speaking of the bag, it has almost all 5 star reviews on Amazon by artists who have purchased it for carrying their art supplies. Put in a few of the art supplies on this list and you have a fantastic artist gift set.


9. Supplies for Hanging the Paintings
Unusual Gifts Artists

 OOK 59204 50 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Kit

After they paint, artists need to hang the paintings right? They aren’t going to hang themselves. Get them a set that has everything needed to hang them up for the world to see those masterpieces.

This set has 50 pieces including screw eyes, wire, hangers, and nails so you can hang any kind of painting. Very useful and essential really. One of the  most inexpensive unique artist gifts out there.






10. Desk Easel
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

 Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

Now this is one of the coolest gift ideas for an artist on this page. If you see your artist painting at a table day after day, do them a favor and get them a desk easel like this one.

Put it in a gift bag if you want, or just wrap it up as is, but either way, you are going to be a hero when they open their gift! An easel makes it so much easier for them to paint their masterpiece. Easier on their back and their neck. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for an artist! This one has a drawer for paint brushes and a palette too. Folds up and has a handle, so completely portable for taking it to the park or class.





11. Gift Cards
Best Christmas Gifts for Artists

 Amazon.com $50 Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Amazon Surprise Box Design)

This suggestion is for those of you who have been down the list and still don’t know what to get for your artist.

A gift card is an awesome gift for anyone and artists are no exception. I think everyone loves to get cash, don’t you? Get them a gift card from Amazon and let them pick out their favorite gifts for an artist. Easy for you and them. No shopping.

This one is for $50 but they come in any denomination starting with $5. Just click the link to choose your gift amount. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for artists!





Young Artist Gifts

Best Christmas Gifts for Artists
Art Kits Teenagers

For young artists, you might want to include coloring in the mix. So besides all the cool gifts for artists above, here are a few more suitable for the youngsters who love to color. Teenagers and kids love to color and paint and draw too. You can make a drawing sketching kit for them and add in some coloring pencils, crayons, and coloring books for a fantastic gift! Best Christmas gifts for artists has to include kids and teens. They are still in the Christmas fun stage.

Coloring Set
Art Kits Kids
Artist Gift Sets


 Faber-Castell – Young Artist Coloring Gift Set – Premium Art Supplies For Kids

This cute coloring set for kids is an instant gift set for young artists. Colors and colored pencils. A pad of drawing paper so they can get started on their masterpieces. All in a cute little case they can take with them to school or a friend’s house.

This is a great start for a young artist in training. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for artists. (Young artists.)








Cool Gifts Artists

Crayons are essential for art kits for kids. They are the usual first artist tool that children use. Much easier for mothers as they don’t make the mess paints do. Here are two different crayon sets. Either one will give hours and hours of fun. Inexpensive and easy best Christmas gifts for artists.

 Crayola; Ultimate Crayon Collection; Art Tools; 152 Colors, Durable Storage Case, Long-Lasting Colors Crayola 64 Ct Crayons (52-0064)

Coloring Books
Artist Gifts Ideas

Coloring books have come a long way! There are so many beautiful ones now. Here are two gorgeous ones and you can click on one to see many more. A simple art kit for teenagers or kids is: a few coloring books, some crayons, and some colored pencils. Lots of fun for very little money. That makes them get on the list of best Christmas gifts for artists.

 State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book: For Students and Teachers Shells From the Sea: Coloring Pages and Greeting Cards

Best Gifts for Sculptors and Potters
Artist Gifts Ideas

Besides the sketching kits and pencils, (yes, Sculptors and Potters sketch their designs too) Sculptors need clay. Lots of clay! And it is sort of expensive so they will love you for giving them clay! Be sure you find out if they use high fire or low fire clay so you can get them the right kind. Another of the best Christmas gifts for artists!

 ACTIVA Blackjack Low Fire Clay, 5 pounds White Amaco 45047J High-Fire Moist Stoneware Clay, #38 White

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