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Drawing Sketching Kits

Best Artist Drawing Sketching Kits
Artist Sketching Drawing Sets

Aurora art supplies colored pencils for drawing sketching kits


Drawing Sketching Kits are for anyone who loves to draw and sketch. Here you will find the best Artist Drawing Kits for yourself or someone you know who loves to draw. My husband is a glorious artist (and famous!) and he sketches all the time so we have many sketching books. I got his input on the beautiful ones here on this page. I have a few sketching books too. We have owned every one of these!

This is your complete shopping guide for Drawing Sketching Kits. Complete with everything you need to sketch, these are the best kits for artists who draw and sketch. But maybe you don’t need complete Drawing Sketching kits. Maybe you just need drawing paper, colored drawing pencils, charcoal drawing pencils, and books to learn how to draw.  It’s all here too.

You can create your own Drawing Sketching kits by buying the items that you want separately. You might want charcoal pencils instead of colored pencils for example. Or you might be buying gifts for young artists so your list might vary.

I have even included some videos that teach how to draw animals and cartoons.

Featured Colored Pencils are from Aurora Art Supplies.

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Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to
remain an artist
once we grow up.
~Pablo Picasso

 Complete Drawing Sketching Kits

Complete Artist Sketching Kit
Royal Langnickel Sketching and Drawing Artist Easel Set

 Royal & Langnickel 104-Piece All Media Easel Artist Setsketching drawing sets

This complete artist drawing kit is all you need to start your art career!

The manufacturer says: Royal Langnickel Sketching and Drawing Easel Set is a comprehensive 150 piece collection of artist materials ideal for the beginner, student, or artist.

This set features an assortment of paints fitted into a convertible chest. The storage chest converts into a sturdy table-top easel. The mast and holders for the easel assemble quickly and easily. Then simply remove and conveniently store in the chest when traveling. An outstanding collection of tools for your studio or an ideal gift for an artist or serious art student.




Best Selling Drawing Sketching Kit
Royal Langnickel Sketching Drawing Artist Set

 Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set

A favorite Art sketch kit!

The manufacturer says: The Deluxe Sketching Box Set by Royal Langnickel is great for those who love to sketch and draw. The art set features a large array of tools to start experimenting or refine the sketching and drawing talents.

Includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compressed graphite sticks, 6 compressed charcoal sticks, 12 compressed color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, and more. Also includes 1 5-inch by 7-inch sketching/drawing pad, 1 mannequin, 1 6-inch ruler, 1 sanding block, 1 sharpener and more. Wooden storage box measures 13-7/8-inch by 6-7/8-inch by 2-1/2-inch.




Darice 80-Piece Professional Art Set
Drawing Sketching Kits

 Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

A wonderful sketching Artist kit! 80-piece deluxe art set including art supplies for drawing, painting and more.

Includes color pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paintbrushes, pencils, and accessories. Provides an artist with a wide range of materials in a compact, portable case.

Case is wood with snap-shut handle. This is a great set for an artist to take with him or her to class or demonstrations. Perfect for a Christmas gift or birthday gift too.







Pink Artist Sketching Kit
Drawing Sketching Kits

 Royal & Langnickel Pink Art Beginner Artist Sketching and Drawing Wood Box Set

A sketching artist box set in Pink! Swoon from the pink lovers! The art set features all the essential tools to start experimenting and drawing.

Includes 6 graphite pencils, 12 color pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 1 sketching/drawing pad, 3 blending stumps, and much more.

All supplies are stored in a convenient wooden storage box with handle for ease of use, travel, and storage.





 Drawing Sketching Supplies

Art Drawing Set
Sketching Drawing Sets: Beginners

 Reeves Drawing & Sketching Complete Set

Art Drawing Set – 21 Piece Set by Reeves
10 Colored Pencils
4 Sketching Pencils
1 Graphite Pencil
2 Blending Stumps
1 Sandpaper Block
1 Eraser
1 Sharpener
1 instruction book







General Pencil Classic Sketching and Drawing Kit
Art Sketch Kit

 General Pencil Classic Sketching and Drawing Kitsketching drawing sets

Classic drawing and sketching kit. Just add drawing paper and you are set to go. Perfect for beginning artists and illustrators both.

Includes pastel pencils, charcoal pencils, other assorted pencils, eraser and sharpener. Made in the USA.

Manufacturer statement: AP and ACMI approved conforming to ASTM D-4236Ideal for studio, sketching, design, illustration, and creative projects of all levels. Pencils handcrafted with sustained yield incense cedar wood.








Prismacolor Artist Pencils
Drawing Sketching Supplies

 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72-Count

There really is just no comparison between Prismacolor and other Artist Pencils. Smooth and creamy execution for all your drawing!

Manufacturer says: Designed to handle detailed work for advanced students and artists, these Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils feature high grade pigments for rich color saturation.

Other features include soft, thick cores for superior blending and shading, and a color coded wood casing for easy identification. The soft cores also resist breaking. They are designed with professional artist quality for every level of expertise. These pencils come in an assorted set of 72, and include a convenient tin case.





Prismacolor Charcoal Pencil Drawing Set
Artist Drawing Kits

 Prismacolor Premier 25 Piece Charcoal Sketch Set In Reusable Metal Tin

Still Prismacolor, just charcoal for all your black and white and shades of gray drawings. If you or your artist are really into pencil sketch art, this is the set you will want to get!

Manufacturer says: Prismacolor 25 Piece Charcoal Sketching SetThis set of professional quality charcoal drawing supplies is ideal for beginners and masters alike. Included are 10 sticks of vine charcoal (extra soft soft medium); 4 compressed charcoals (extra soft soft medium and hard); 4 charcoal pencils (black soft medium and hard; white extra soft) and; 2 sketch pencils (sepia and sanguine).

It also includes one Magic Rub eraser, one Kneaded rubber eraser, one steel sharpener and one blending stump. All of the supplies come in a reusable portable metal tin.





More Awesome Prismacolor Pencils for Sketching
Sketching Drawing Sets

 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 48-Countsketching drawing sets

If you buy an artist sketching kit it will most likely include some colored pencils. If they are not Prismacolors, just go ahead and order these now. You will like them so much better! This set has 48 different colors in a tin.

It’s the most popular set of colored pencils on Amazon for a reason! 48 colors is enough to cover every color of the rainbow and then some. You will have every color you need for all your drawings and sketches.





“As the sun colors flowers,
so does art color life.”
~John Lubbock


Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Set
Sketching Drawing Sets

 Prismacolor Graphite Drawing Set

Extra-large kneaded eraser included in this professional graphite pencil set.

Magic rub eraser and Steel Pencil Sharpener and Sanding Board allows beginning artists to experiment with many products and to determine his/her favorites.

Perfect for the serious illustrator or a painter who does extensive sketching or studies before the actual painting. Also graphic artists need seriously good pencils and these deliver! Great to add to Drawing Sketching kits if the one you buy doesn’t have charcoal pencils included.







Strathmore Drawing Paper
Drawing Sketching Kits

 Strathmore Medium Drawing Spiral Paper Pad 8

They put this wonderful drawing paper in a lot of the drawing sketching kits you see for sale. Special art deserves special paper. End of story.

Manufacturer description: Strathmore Drawing Paper Pads Series 400…Versatile Sheets of cream colored drawing paper for sketching and finished work. The medium surgace readily accepts pen and ink pencil charcoal crayon and markers. The Smooth surface with its non-reflective finish and uniform formation is especially suited for line drawing and technical work. Twenty-four 80lb. acid-free sheets per spiral-bound pad.





These are just a few of the online drawing tutorials available. Just go to YouTube.com and type in the search box for whatever you want to draw, and there will be instructions. How cool is that? You can learn so much online now! So go ahead and get one of the cool Drawing Sketching Kits and watch some videos. You will be creating art in no time at all.


You really can learn to draw, and you really can get better at it too. Here are some books to help. None of the Drawing Sketching  kits have either of these two wonderful books so it’s good to add one or both in a gift basket if you are getting gifts for artists.

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear
Easy Guide to Successful Drawing (Art for the Absolute Beginner)

 Drawing for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear & Easy Guide to Successful Drawing (Art for the Absolute Beginner)

Amazon says: This inspiring book makes drawing in a realistic style easier than you may think and more fun than you ever imagined! Authors Mark and Mary Willenbrink (Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner) cover it all—from choosing materials and the correct way to hold your pencil, to expert advice on the tricky stuff, like getting proportions and perspective right, drawing reflections, and designing strong compositions.

Perfect for the beginning artist on your list who wants to learn from a book instead of going to class. Add it to your Drawing Sketching kits if you are making your own gift basket!





Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
by Robert Beverly Hale

 Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters

A classic art instruction manual. Perfect to add to your own kit if you are making Drawing Sketching kits for artists on your gift list.

A book whose sales have not diminished but rather increased dramatically since its publication 45 years ago, this bestselling classic is the ultimate manual of drawing taught by the late Robert Beverly Hale, who’s famed lectures and classes at New York City’s Art Student League captivated artists and art educators from around the world.





“The aim of art is to represent not the outward
but their inward significance.”

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