Copyright and Copyright Infringement

Why I Am Writing about Coloring Pages and Copyright Infringement

swan by Richard Burns

There seems to be much confusion about copyright violations/copyright infringement when it comes to coloring pages and images. Many people seem to think that if an image is on the internet they can just use it without asking.

Image: Swan by Richard Burns

I guess in the beginning of using the internet, in the haste to download beautiful images, lots of us did this. But most of us didn’t use those images to illustrate our articles as if they were our own. That’s just not okay.

Just like you are supposed to give credit for images on articles, you are supposed to give credit for coloring images. So no, it’s not okay to use downloaded images from another site on your webpage without crediting the original image and linking back to the site. And especially, you can’t post the image on your webpage and invite people to copy/paste it. That is really not okay. Also, you have to have permission to do this. Only the artist is the copyright owner! They are the only ones who can distribute their own images!

Others seem to think that using an image from a site that says it does not permit commercial use is still okay on their website. (Just in case you did not know, any website that earns any money at all, even for charity, is a commercial site and you cannot use images from sites that don’t permit commercial use.) No this is not okay.

Then there are those who use images from sites and actually knowingly or not knowingly steal the bandwidth of those sites by linking to the image instead of to the website. So the website owner gets no attribution, no credit, and no exposure for the rest of his site. No, this is not okay either.  (There are a few sites that do permit this.)

In fact, all of these things are also against the TOS of the other sites. (TOS=Terms of Service)

Copyright violation really is stealing. Bandwidth theft really is stealing. And leaving pages with copyright infringements sitting there month after month to collect money is stealing from the companies involved.

“All Rights Reserved” means
NO commercial usage is
permitted at all.

My husband is an artist and it is a constant battle to deal with copyright infringement for us. Much of his art is published by Applejack Art though, and they have lawyers who love to go after copyright thieves. So we are lucky that most of the time they take care of it for us. Still, for all those who use his images illegally, the money we should have received for your use of his images is stolen money.

In addition, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Dover, and some of these other big companies who distribute images are going to see all these images some day. Disney doesn’t mess around either. Once you are on their radar, they will relentlessly pursue you till you pay for your infringement. We have artist friends who work there and hear lots of stories. Not having money won’t save you. They will attach liens to all your assets.

It is really not okay to steal, and using images without permission is theft, pure and simple.

In Case You Did Not Know
Copyright Infringement is really
plagiarism of images
which is stealing.

All of the images on this site are © Richard Burns, All Rights Reserved. In addition many of them are published by McGraw Publishing/Applejack Art. Please don’t download the images for any reason. Instead, please click on the many links to purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

For another explanation of copyright and how it affects all artists, visit: this page by a coloring artist on her Facebook page. I think she explains it so well!!! Artists need to eat too!