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Richard Burns Art, richardburnsart.com

Richard Burns Art is on lots of merchandise as well as on prints and of course you can get his original paintings too.

Like many successful artists, Richard Burns was bitten by the art “bug” at a very early age. After years of spending countless hours drawing and sculpting in clay, he decided to make art his life’s work while a junior in college. After attending Northern Arizona University,  he transferred to Cal. State University Northridge where he majored in art and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978.

Painting mainly with acrylics, Rich works to bring his love and appreciation for nature to life through his art. A member of the Nature Conservancy, he has done paintings to benefit various funds and charities founded to raise money to protect the environment and endangered species. He is known the world over for his wildlife art, but along the way, Rich became fascinated by cottages and lighthouses and started adding a great many of these to his collection. He is a prolific artist!

Image: This painting is called Harbor Lights and is one of the collection of lighthouses he has done. It is one of my favorites, because of the sky and the little house. I would love to live in this painting. Luckily I have the original in my dining room to admire every day!

Some of Rich’s original works are available for purchase. Contact us below for more information. Enjoy!

All of the images on this page are © by Richard Burns, All Rights Reserved. In addition most of them are published by McGraw Art Publishing. Please don’t download the images for any reason. Instead, please click on the many links to purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Cottage Lighthouse by the Sea
Richard Burns Art

This is another of Rich’s lighthouses…It is called Cottage Lighthouse. He was traveling on the East Coast and started noticing them at a lot of the rocky outcrops on the beaches there and liked the way they looked jutting up from the water.
Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

Parker Cove
Richard Burns Art

Another East Coast lighthouse from his travels there.
Richard Burns Art Parker Cove Lighthouse,richardburnsart.com

Island Lighthouse
Richard Burns Art

What I love about this one is the sky. And who wouldn’t want to live in that cozy little house?
Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

Icy Courtship

Tigers doing a mating dance. An earlier painting Richard did during the time when he was doing wildlife exclusively. He was very fortunate to be invited to the L.A. zoo to paint these magnificent creatures. Many times he was allowed in the cages, as he has a natural affinity with animals and they leave him in peace to draw and paint.
tigers richard burns art,richardburnsart.com

Sunset Challenge by Richard Burns

elk bugling by Richard Burns,richardburnsart.com

Northern Guest~Snowy Owl

Northern Guest by Richard Burns

Richard and I both love the magnificence of birds and he really likes to paint them. The Snowy Owl is one of our favorites.
snowy owl by Richard Burns

 Quiet Waters by Richard Burns

This one is on mugs, puzzles, calendars, and cards.
I just love the way the sunlight looks on the water.
One of my favorites.
swan by Richard Burns,richardburnsart.com

Quiet Time
Richard Burns Art

This is a cottage straight out of Yellowstone Park superimposed on a picture Richard created from a scene in the Grand Tetons that he shot with a telephoto lens on a Christmas trip.
winter scene by Richard Burns,richardburnsart.com

Twilight at Tilden
Richard Burns Cottage

This one looks just like an English cottage at the height of the Spring flowering season.
Richard Burns cottage art,richardburnsart.com

Serenity Cottage
Richard Burns Richard Burns Art

Again, I love the sky! But also the detail of the flowers and the stonework on the bridge is just incredible. And the water fall! How does he do that? Hours and hours of painting….
serenity cottage,richardburnsart.com

Gregory Cottage
Richard Burns Art

I don’t know how he can get the reflections of the sky in the water the way he does!
Richard Burns cottage painting,richardburnsart.com

Noyes Rose Petal Gift Shoppe
Richard Burns Art

Richard likes to name some of his paintings with family names and Noyes was his beloved mother’s maiden name. He did this one for her, but we have it because she is no longer with us. I love everything about this painting and it took him a while to get all the flowers, sky and greenery just the way he wanted.
Noyes Cottage by Richard Burns, artist,richardburnsart.com

Poore’s Pond
Richard Burns Cottage

Richard has studied his family genealogy and traced his family back to the early 1600’s. Another family name. I love the willow tree in this one.
Richard Burns cottage art,richardburnsart.com

Miller’s Pond
Richard Burns Art

This one looks like a photograph even in person. I am lucky enough to have it hanging in my family room to view every day. People often think it is a photo until they get up close.
Richard Burns Americana art,richardburnsart.com

Sunset Symphony
Richard Burns Art

The model for this house was one Rich noticed in Prescott Arizona one winter as he was driving back from college in Flagstaff  to Los Angeles. The sky at sunset captivated him…and he loved the house too.
Richard Burns Victorian cottage,richardburnsart.com

Victorian House
Stoddard’s Lane by Richard Bturns

Richard and I both love Victorian houses and there are quite a few in Prescott so on a trip he took photos of a lot of them and then painted this one. As with a lot of his work, people think it is a photo.
Victorian house by richard burns art,richardburnsart.com

Victorian Days
Richard Burns Victorian House

One of the first Victorian houses Rich ever did. It has proven to be very popular and is on lots of calendars, cards, and in magazines.

Victorian Days Richard Burns Art, richardburnsart.com

Skating Pond
Richard Burns Americana Art

 This one was done for a series of Christmas cards Richard was commissioned to do. All of the children are our nieces and nephews.
Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

Angel of Abundance
Richard Burns Art

First of Rich’s new Angel Series.
richard burns art, richardburnsart.com

Angel of the Dawn
Richard Burns Art

angel of the dawn by Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

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Morning Angel
Richard Burns Art

morning angel by Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

Moon Angel
Richard Burns Art

We saw a full moon at the top of our street which inspired this one.
moon angel by Richard Burns art,richardburnsart.com

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